Vengurla and the Burnt Islands - A Brief History

Along the Konkan coast, bordering Goa, Vengurla nestles among hills, lush greenery and white sandy beaches. Originally a trading settlement in the 17th century, the town grew into a commercial centre during the reign of the Maratha king Chhatrapati Shivaji. Today it is better known for its unspoilt beaches and old ruins.

The three large rocks off Vengurla’s coast are known as the ‘burnt islands’, and are home to several species of nesting birds.

The Konkan Coast

The Konkan shoreline stretches through Maharashtra and Goa, along the Arabian Sea. The vast stretches of casuarina lined beaches are among the most pristine in India.
The Sindhudurg coast is one of the richest ecological habitats in Maharashtra with over 367 species of marine flora and fauna including turtles, seahorses, whale sharks and the Indo-pacific humpback dolphin.

Sensational views, gorgeous sunsets over the Arabian Sea, bright green paddy fields, hills, plantations of coconut, cashew and mango, creeks, ponds, and rivers all harmonize to create a spectacular countryside that is joyous in all seasons.

The Element of Water

The large expanses of water used in the landscaping echo the local culture of the coastal regions of Konkan, where the network of ponds, streams and channels create a unique ecosystem.

The Navabag creek lies along the length of the land. It is a tidal creek with seawater flowing through it at high and low tide. Mangroves along the creek are a habitat for birds and other wildlife.
The ponds surrounding the villa are rain-filled and act as natural reservoirs, improving the ecological habitat of the landscape. During the dry seasons when the level of the rain water recedes, they are replenished with creek water.

The common lake is fed by the creek and attracts a host of migratory birds.

Welcome to Waikiki

Waikiki, in Hawaiian, means “spouting fresh water”, as in springs and streams that feed wetlands. The name aptly reflects the mood and reality of this wonderful location.
Homes in Waikiki are exclusively designed and planned to the finest detail. Environmentally sensitive landscaping ensures that the area’s natural beauty is retained and the homes blend harmoniously into their surroundings.

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