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The site for Waikiki was selected as much for its natural beauty and nearness to the ocean, as for its easy accessibility and proximity to Goa.

Waikiki is situated within the curves of a creek, a lake, and patches of thick coconut groves.

Half-acre plots for villas are positioned on either side of a central road that leads from the site entrance to the lake. Decks and boardwalks connect various areas of the site and a lit walkway leads from the lake to the beach.

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The Villas and their Surroundings

The villas, designed by Architecture BRIO’s principal architects Robert and Shefali Verrijt, have a contemporary design, blending influences from Europe and Sri Lanka.

Villas may be laid out as single or multiple units, depending on the plot. Like a quaint old village where all homes are unique, here every villa has it’s own unique layout. Some villas are built on the waters edge, others are built on the land away from the pond. A couple of villas are surrounded by courtyard walls to accommodate a sense of privacy, others enjoy the openess and panoramic views of the waterbodies. Most plots are blessed with creek touching plot fronts.

The sample villa has three units – the dining unit, the living room unit and the bedrooms unit – all inter-connected by raised walkways. The villas are kept cool by their surrounding water bodies which also serve to provide a sense of calm and serenity. Large roofs and timber screens shade the interiors from the tropical sun, while panoramic sliding doors allow you to open your interiors to the surrounding gardens.

The villas are designed with a contemporary, tropical sensibility. The villas fuse the simplicity, symmetry and naturalness of the local Konkan village homes with the enthralling ambience of contemporary spaces full of light and open views.

Nature, the environment, and sustainability have been critical in the planning of the entire project. Wherever possible, original flora – such as the mangroves bordering the lake – have been left untouched. Hundreds of trees are being planted including coconut palms, mango, supari and other varieties.

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Who We Are

The project is a partnership between Ravi Pittie, Dhruv Agarwala, Amirali Jetha and Aditya Pittie who came together to fulfil their dream of owning a seaside villa and enjoying the water experience in all forms. Waikiki is a result of this passion.

Others who have shared our dream and helped build this project:

  • Architecture BRIO: Architects
  • Namrata Kashyap and Associates: Landscape designers
  • Girish Wadhwa: Structural engineer
  • Across Beyond Development Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.: MEP consultants
  • Grass roots research and consultancy: Water management consultant
  • Ghule Enterprises: Civil contractor

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Facilities and Services / Villa Management

Villas will be professionally managed by a property management company and will be kept clean and ready for the owners whenever they are visiting. Villa owners will have the option to request house help and chefs during their stay.

The project may also be given to a high-end resort company to be run as a resort. Individual owners will have the choice to lease their villas to the resort when they are not being used. This ensures not only that their investment earns a good return but also that the villas are kept well maintained. When owners plan to visit, they will need to inform the resort in advance so that those days are blocked for them.