Site map for waikiki


Experience the Journey
  • The Burnt island (short history)
  • The Natural Beauty
  • The Konkan Coast
  • The Element of Water
  • Welcome to Waikiki

experience Vengurla

Why vengurla choosen for Waikiki
  • The distance which is easily accessible
  • The peace and Nature
  • The micro picture in terms of development
  • The fun around Vengurla (Water activities,food, shopping)

About waikiki

Introduction to Waikiki Project
  • The site and Intro of Masterplan
  • Villa's plan & surroundings in short
  • who we are
  • At Service

The Masterplan

Overall construction and idea of the Villa
  • The site and geography with Google map
  • The Villa Plans on site
  • The overall architecture / elevations
  • Floor Plans
  • Models of Villas

The Villa

What you will get in your Villa
  • The facilities like- swimming pool, generator etc.
  • The Exterior
  • The Interior
  • The Creeks


Detail of each Villas
  • Detail
  • The Pictures

Contact Us

  • Adress, email Ids and contact no.
  • let's Talk Form